When I photograph women, I get to see them in their rawest form. I hear about their stories and watch them apologize for their insecurities. Some times they criticize themselves so harshly. A lot of us are like that.

My job is to weed through those insecurities, apologies, and uncomfortable feelings and get to the core. It can be so hard for some women to let go of their guard and be vulnerable. But when they do, and give themselves permission to be beautiful, even for a moment. Magic happens. 

I am going to start filming my sessions, to show the stories of the women who I meet and how they transform.  The transformations I see are so much deeper than the beautiful hair and makeup the girls wear for a day, they change how they see themselves. They become more forgiving with themselves, and that critical voice in their head changes. 

I love telling these stories and meeting these women. I hope you enjoy a clip of Tami and Wendi's portrait session and I look forward to making more videos and meeting more incredible women. Call today to book your session, experience this transformation for yourself. 202-643-3714.