This is my BEAUTIFUL aunt Kathy. 

Kathy dedicates her life to helping children, working multiple jobs a to support herself as well as making a difference in the community and with children from broken homes. When I found out she was going to visit me in DC I thought it would be a great time to treat her to a portrait session to feel amazing about herself. 

She has always had a hard time taking pictures, so I coached her to get genuine expressions and laughs. 

Even though she was one of my toughest clients, she was also one of the most rewarding. 

I loved the opportunity to spend quality time with my family as well as give my aunt a beautiful experience and renewed love for her own beauty. If you find yourself being unhappy with most of your pictures, if you are selfless and just need a reminder of your self worth and beauty, give me a call. It will change the way you see yourself. 

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