Lori is a friend of a friend, who asked me to take photos of her son for his senior photos, I loved getting to know Lori and offered her a glamorous shoot of her own. She shyly declined, but one day out of the blue, Lori messaged me and offered to donate her one and only designer gown to me for future beauties to use in exchange for a session with me. The session went great, there were laughs, flowing fabric and great music, and she left with a date for her viewing session. That brings me to today.

When I sat down with Lori to show her her gorgeous self, I was NOT prepared for her reaction or the affect it would have on me. I opened up the computer to the first image and Lori immediately burst out into tears. I was so excited for Lori to see how amazing she looked, but I never gave any consideration to the possibility that she had never seen herself this way. As I flipped through the images the tears kept coming, broken only by her whispers of "oh my gosh" and "holy crap". 

Once we cycled though the images, and spoke about how she would use the images. Give them as a gift to her husband of 15 years, (she said that she pictured him having a reaction comparable to bugs bunny with eyes popping out of his head) or a large print to hang up in her dressing room. She was crying again, the workers and patrons of Starbucks staring at me wondering what I was doing to make this woman cry. We finished the session with big hugs and and smiles, and for her, a new appreciation for her beauty. 

Now i'm here contemplating all of the events that happened over the last half hour and what they mean to me. Like most people offering a service, especially photographers, I undervalued my business. I undervalued what the service and experience was that I have to offer. I always went back and fourth, asking for advice from industry celebrities (they are celebrities to me at least) and wondered how they had the following and loyal client base that they have. I found all of that out today, every question I had was answered.

I realized that the service I have is more than just pictures. I realized that to Lori, it meant reclaiming her self confidence and sensuality. While her pictures were not provocative, she felt empowered by her femininity and self adoration. So for all the skeptics, and all of the women out there wondering if they will ever love the body they are in, or wondering if the money is worth it... it is. 

I saw today first hand the power an impact my art has on my clients, now I know not everyone is going to have the same heartwarming reaction as Lori, but I know now the significance of the experience and value that I can bring to my clients. I hope everyone has this kind of moment in their life time (if not every day), and if anyone needs help finding their beauty, give me a call. 

Hair and makeup by  Jennifir

Hair and makeup by Jennifir

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