I have had the pleasure of photographing both Narholy and Brandy in the past, and when I discovered that they had been long time friends, I invited them into my studio for an old Hollywood glamour themed shoot. We coordinated the outfits, planned out hair and makeup, and on the day of their session, we made magic!

As much as I love these images, the heart felt message I received afterwords was beyond rewarding. I will spare you the whole message, but the point was that you can be any size and any color to be and feel beautiful. Some times it is so hard to see your own beauty when bombarded constantly with images of women who look nothing like you. For my clients to feel so proud to be who they are, and to fall in love with themselves because of what I captured in them was one of the most rewarding things I have experienced to date in my life, both professionally and personally. I hope to help more women, (who aren't exactly super models) fall in love with their beauty, how ever unique and perfectly imperfect they are.