In honor of Mothers day, this is my beautiful mother, Nicole. 

I have put my mom through a lot in my life time, and I don't do as much as I should to show my appreciation for everything she does for me, but I know i'm not the only one. I am not a mom, so I cant imagine the sacrifices, the long days, the aggravation and the bliss that comes with the job. It was so important that I give my mom a photoshoot to show her the version of her that I see when I look at her because my whole life, I was the first priority, and her happiness took a back seat. I know she would never ask me, her daughter for a photoshoot. She, like many of you was perfectly content with her iPhone photos, but this experience is so much more than just a photo shoot, this is a celebration. My mom couldn't remember the last time she got her hair and makeup done, was made up like a queen and had someone taking care of her needs. It was such a pleasure for me, to give my mom that moment, of feeling as important as she is to not only myself, but my whole family.  The result of that experience is amazing photos, that capture not only her beauty, but her soul. In these photos, I see not only my mom, who was there for me when I was too sick to go to school, taught me how to drive, and who grounded me when I stayed out too late, but a strong, confident woman (who looks way too young to have a child my age). 

It is so important to take time out to show someone especially your mother, how much you care about them. Book a photoshoot today, for mothers day, or any day, to show her how much she means to you, and preserve this moment in photograph. 

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