I have been doing a lot of thinking about how much women don't do for themselves. We are the last ones ready in the morning, the last ones up at night, the planners, list makers, fixers,  and the make everything betters.  And for many we don't get a day of recognition outside of special occasions and holidays. That being said,  I want to start a new campaign for the women who are 40 and fabulous. 

I want to showcase these beauties and give them a chance to feel like a goddess on a day that isn't a special occasion or holiday. I want to celebrate all women, but for this month, focus on these 40 year old sirens. 

This is Dara, she is the kick starter for my campaign. She is a mother of three, a wife, and a business woman. She is amazing and it was a pleasure getting her into the studio and celebrating the super-woman that she is. 

If you are, or know a 40 something woman, now is the time. Exist in pictures. Call today to book your experience. 

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