Bri and Garett had a beautiful Catholic Church wedding followed by a mexican themed reception. The ceremony was beautiful with nods to mexican culture and a beautiful, moving sermon from Father Tim. The reception was full of laughter and love, and mariachi music! 

“As a photojournalist for the U.S. Army I would say hiring a photographer to photograph my own wedding was the most difficult decision out of all the wedding plans my wife and I had to make. Talk about pressure, Jazzlyn was subjected to my criticizing, asked for specific looks, shots, poses, etc. through it all she kept her cool, was completely patient, flexible, and met all my expectations. On the flip side, what can we say about Jazzlyn? She is a complete breath of fresh air; we love her! We used her for our pre-wedding pictures that we wanted shot in downtown Austin, Texas. Like many things in my life it was last minute, not Jazzlyn’s fault but my wife’s. Shhh! The pictures came out awesome! On the day of our wedding it was complete chaos. Jazzlyn ended up driving us to the site we chose to have our pictures taken before the wedding and then raced us to the church to get married on time! Our reception ran behind schedule but she stayed late to ensure that she got all the photos we wanted. During it all, she tried her best to help out where she could so my wife and I wouldn’t look stressed in our photos. The pictures came out amazing! We could not have chosen a better person for the job and we are so grateful for her! In the midst of all the pandemonium of the wedding, vacation and holidays I’m proud to announce we are expecting our first baby and I know just who to call for my family photographs.”
— Garret